The Top 25 Most Interesting Narrative Essay Topics To Write About

In English classes, one of the most common assignments is the narrative essay. Although this is often done on personal topics like a vacation or life-changing experience, it can also be done on topics in pop culture, travel or family. Students should read through the prompt before they pick a specific topic. Often, teachers will have a required subject area or topic for the student to write about. If the teacher does not hand out a specific topic area, students can use one of the following 25 ideas for their narrative essay topic.

  1. What is the most interesting or important thing that you have ever received in the mail?

  2. During your childhood, what was your most precious possession?

  3. What was it like during Christmas time (or your favorite holiday) when you were growing up?

  4. What is the happiest moment of your life? What factors caused this moment to take place?

  5. What is the story behind a favorite nickname that you have received?

  6. What hobbies or traditions are passed down among your family members?

  7. Have you ever felt embarrassed by some of the story's from your childhood? What are some of your most embarrassing moments from your past?

  8. If you had to pick three objects that described your life, what would they be? What is the story behind each object?

  9. . What place played a special role in your childhood? Why?

  10. What have you and your family members accomplished as a family?

  11. What role do you play in your family? When did this role start and what factors caused you to adopt this role?

  12. Have you ever gone through a rite of passage? What types of rites of passage existed that marked your transition from being a child to becoming an adult?

  13. What personal achievement has made you the most proud? Which achievement was the most difficult for you to accomplish?

  14. How has your mother and father's parenting style impacted your life? Were you a latch key kid or did you have helicopter parents?

  15. In your family, is it expected for you to be paid for doing chores? What was your family's attitude toward teaching children how to manage money?

  16. When were your parents angriest at you?

  17. What was the most difficult or challenging time in your life?

  18. What was it like to get your first pet?

  19. How did you meet your first childhood friend?

  20. How did your parents choose your name?

  21. What games did you play as a child?

  22. Who are the people that make your city or town unique?

  23. What urban legends are famous in your hometown?

  24. What has motivated you in your life?

  25. Where were you during 9/11? What were you doing when you heard the news?