How To Create A Proper Classification Illustration Essay: Useful Tips

An illustration essay makes a point and then seeks to prove it with credible support. A classification topic will classify an object and provide proof for the classification. For example, you could state that the Mako shark is the most dangerous animal in the ocean and then use a shark classification with the support delivered via illustration proof. Use our seven simple steps for success!

Seven Simple Steps

  1. Pick your topic- pick a topic you know a lot about or one that you wish to know a lot about. Make sure the subject has a detailed classification level, or it will not work in the essay.

  2. Sketch out the classification of the subject-then make the classification for the subject. Do not get too detailed, so you will not lose your audience’s attention. You may have to define any unknown words or jargon.

  3. Then provide the main ideas that you will prove via an illustration method-pick three to five main points you will discuss. If you have a weak idea, then place that between the two stronger ones.

  4. Make the thesis statement-now write the outline, which will include the main points and the direction of the paper. This will guide the direction of your paper.

  5. Draw up the outline-make an outline. Unless the teacher specifies, it can be a sentence or topic style outline. You may make many changes before you write up the final one. You should also find out if the teacher will want you to submit your outline with the final paper.

  6. Write the rough draft and then edit it-write the first draft of the paper and then proof and edit it.

  7. Write the final draft-try not to make any new mistakes as you write it. Then have a friend or peer proof the final for you in case you do have any overlooked errors. Make all the necessary edits before you submit the paper. You will probably need to make a reference sheet, since you will have support. Find out if the teacher wants a Works Cited or a Bibliography. Also find out if any other supplemental prewriting, such as the outline or rough draft, will be turned in as well.

Use our seven easy steps the next time you have to write a classification illustration style essay.