22 Fresh Ideas For Your Synthesis Essay On Othello

For students who are asked to write a synthesis essay about Othello, there are some factors that you must carefully contemplate on. It is quite vital to incorporate the distinct character developments, the way by which military heroism as well as love is contradictory, how risky the isolation is, the linkage between blindness and sight, the signification of the handkerchief, the symbolic aspect of demons, animals and plants and also what the song entitled “willow” represents. In reverse, you can synthesize a specific literary technique used or one character in the story and those will work all right as well.

Often times, synthesis essay writing is more complicated than it might first appear since this sort of consolidating must be performed in a substantial approach and the final paper must universally be thesis-driven.

Here are fresh ideas for you to consider:

  1. Carefully assess the usage of blues by Shakespeare, as is noticeable in several of his plays.
  2. Highlight on the vivid depiction of dominance of jealousy over love.
  3. How do you delineate the main character’s personality? Is it strong or weak?
  4. Make a comparison about the depth of this play with that of Hamlet.
  5. Conceptualize one or more of the play’s ludicrous comic scenes. How do these scenes distort, reflect or echo or you may consider commenting on the more serious aspect of the play.
  6. Delve into the character of Desdemona. What does this character represent in the play?
  7. Tackle the issue about racism and link it to the issues of racial hatred in England.
  8. Explore on the relationship between Desdemona and Othello. Does he love her sincerely?
  9. Carefully figure out the position of women in Shakespeare’s plays.
  10. How valuable is race in Othello?
  11. What are the classic archetypes in the play?
  12. The importance of animal imagery in Othello
  13. Write about in what ways is Iago jealous of Othello?
  14. What do Iago’s actions portray about his character?
  15. What does the play say about jealousy and how this changes and affects people?
  16. How does jealousy affect other characters and affect the plot?
  17. Discuss comparisons between Othello and A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  18. Talk about how Othello’s suicide rectifies his crime
  19. You can explore why Desdemona is deemed as a tragic heroine
  20. Consider discussing the historical reasons for the composition of Othello
  21. Delve into why Othello needed Iago
  22. Reputation and honor are equally valuable to Othello