Fifteen Expository Essay Topic Ideas For High School Students

Expository essays require students to investigate a phenomenon and thereafter argue out clearly and in a concise manner. They explain real things and happenings. So, those for high school students should cut across the curriculum and also be within their grasp. Topic ideas should revolve around their environment. One selects a topic that he or she is well conversant with in order to enjoy as well as evaluate it in the best way possible. The following fifteen topic ideas should not tie one rather they should help you think on your own appropriate topic. That is why I have grouped them into two topics that can help you choose your own topic.

Ideas on life in school

  • Explain the consequences of dropping out of school and how it affects the parents, the student and the society at large
  • Describe how your teachers and subjects have contributed to your future career of interest
  • Give the advantages and disadvantages of allowing students to come to school with mobile phones
  • Explain how your parents have or have not contributed to your academics hence recommend ways in which you want them to behave
  • Imagine you are the head of the school, explain in detail what you would change or include to the school curriculum to suite all the students
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of dating while still in high school
  • Imagine your roommate is arrogant. Discuss on ways you can study for finals in your room and also help him or her to study so that you can all pass the exams

Ideas on life outside school

  • Imagine yourself as the creator so discuss on ways you can change the world to be a better place for the children and the mothers
  • Explain why you think your religion is the true religion and therefore everyone in the world must conform to it
  • Which country is your dream country? Explain giving reasons as to how it will make your future brighter than your own country
  • Give ways in which your country should adapt in helping the people with disability to live like every other person in the country
  • Give reasons as to why people should love their own bodies the way they are without changing anything
  • Music has both negative and positive impacts. Explain
  • Explain the situations that can lead youths to drugs
  • What is the best punishment for a way ward youth who disrespectful to parents? Explain