How To Come Up With A Strong And Relevant Essay Topic On Climate Change

This short informational article helps to encourage students at all levels to move forward with their preparations for creating persuasive topical talking points, subjects and arguments on the already popular concept and the phenomenon of climate change. At the heart of this tutorial is an inspiration and motivating students to come up with original ideas while writing their essays in their own words.

Before students even begin writing, the important matter of close reading and thorough research must be addressed.

  • Place emphasis on originality
  • This matter of reading and research is closely aligned with expressing thoughts and objective points of view and arguments originally. After the exercise of close reading and extensive research has been completed, a studious and skillful exercise of paraphrasing original sources needs to be practiced.

  • Focus on writing in own words
  • Citations are and must be re-written in the writer’s own words. Expansive techniques, lending further originality to the paper’s body, can entail elaborations, thoughtful but not emotive, of own opinions on the source content. An important point on how to research material effectively needs to be raised. While the internet is a favored destination, be wary of the duplicated material. Just a quick scan shows that this is evident across the net.

  • Use libraries for research
  • One specific subject or theme related to climate change is covered by many online writers who have spuriously borrowed information and phrases from each other, sowing confusion among readers and leaving little or no clues as to subjects’ original source. Students here should focus on obtaining their own sources of inspiration and information by exploring their libraries for original material which is also authoritative.

  • Paper outline
  • Time is left to briefly remind readers of the paper’s required outline. Write in accordance with academic conventions and rules. Keep both sentences and paragraphs short. There is no need to use complex jargon and scientific explanations. Summarize the main points to be covered in the introduction and leading paragraph.

This short tutorial on how to create strong essay topics dealing with climate change was persuasive in the sense that its aim was to inspire and motivate students from all backgrounds to come up with original ideas and produce strong essay writing skills while discussing the broad subject of climate change. It also helps to invigorate students who may still be coming up short in expressing themselves lucidly and objectively.