Main Rules To Follow When Writing A 300-Word Persuasive Essay

A tutorial guide with a word limit of 300 words is a difficult task to accomplish. The writer has to be very thoughtful regarding the text and should properly format the content including all the main points.

Have a look at the guidelines of tutorial guide with 300 words length-

Brainstorm and then choose the topic: Your topic should be striking and should engross the reader’s attention deliberately. Due to strict word limit, such essays do not leave any space to use colourful language. However if the topic has already been allotted, ensure that it covers 3 significant points and you can organize them well within the parameters.

  • Prepare an outline: The writers who are not expert in writing needs to create an outline and allot word limit for each section.
  • Keep a track on flow of thoughts: Your papers should be supported by the information that makes sense.
  • Format: The format should strictly adhere to the essay topic. It should be a traditional 3 paragraph essay that constitutes of an introduction, a body paragraph and a conclusion. The matter should be properly organized and readable. Since word limit is the major constraint, stay to the point and then elaborate them within your set parameters.

Opening Paragraph: It should be attention grabbing and should force the reader to continue with the rest of the essay. The beginning should support the topic and should outline the content appropriately.

Body paragraph: The topic sentence should outline and state what the paragraph is about. It should further narrow down the thesis. The content takes the turn and transition takes place from introduction to the opening paragraph. The body paragraph should be supported by at least 3 supporting pieces of information.

Closing paragraph: This is the rewording of the thesis sentence and should summarize the whole essay in a creative way such that readers can get the crux of the essay in 2-3 sentences. Again you have to make a transition from body paragraph to the concluding statement. You can offer your final thoughts; however never try to add any new piece of information at the end.

If you notice you will find that a 300 word composition constitutes of hardly 15-20 sentences. If your sentences are too lengthy or wordy, it could be lesser than that. Ensure that you keep it short and simple and stick to your topic strictly. Sound confident and offer educational content. It might sound difficult to you but gradual practice will make your job easy.