Writing An Essay About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology

The technology advantages and disadvantages essay assignment requires you to simply assess whether the benefits of something within technology outweigh the drawbacks. It’s similar to a comparison paper assignment in that you provide both sides but you also present your opinion and take a side based on the information you have provided. Here is a simple strategy for crafting a great advantages and disadvantages paper on technology:

  • Understanding what’s required of you
  • Since you have to present two sides on the topic you should approach the paper in two stages – first looking at all the advantages then going through the same process and looking at all the disadvantages. Give each stage equal weight and try to keep the points relatable to one another.

  • Writing your essay thesis statement
  • When you write your thesis statement you want to be sure that you clearly state which side you are on, but be careful that you don’t apply a word that actually means the opposite of what you are trying to say. For instance, don’t say “the advantages outweigh the disadvantages” when you provide more disadvantages in your body paragraphs.

  • Planning and organizing your essay
  • Think of about three supporting sub-topics or ideas to discuss for each side. They should be ones that are somehow related to the opposite so that the reader can make a logical connection. Structure your paper in one of two ways: either a “point and counter point” format or an “all points by all points” format.

  • Writing the first draft of the paper
  • Start working on your first draft immediately after organizing it in an outline. You shouldn’t spend any time worrying about getting the words down right or making corrections at this stage. The point of this exercise is to get your ideas down as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you don’t forget anything.

  • Revising the argument and logic
  • If you’ve planned ahead and set aside ample time to work on your assignment, you should be able to spend a day or two away from your paper before coming back to it for revision. When you do this, do so with a critical eye, looking for every opportunity to improve your work’s argument and logic to better convey your ideas.

  • Editing and proofreading the paper
  • The final step in crafting a great assignment is editing and proofreading. Do this very carefully, preferably at multiple levels. Even the smallest mistake to grammar, punctuation, or spelling or the misuse of a word or confusing sentence structure can trip up the reader and cost you a letter grade. Be diligent in this last step.