A List Of 20 Up-To-Date Topics For A Business Law Essay

If you study business law, you may be asked to write an essay on a topic related to this field. While writing short academic papers isn’t very difficult, it’s not easy to come up with a good topic for a paper on business law. If generating ideas for academic works isn’t your strength, you may take some inspiration from the list below.

Business Law Essay Topics to Consider

  1. Corporate crimes and death penalty.
  2. Running a successful company under the rule of law.
  3. The influence of alcohol consumption and sale laws on the wellbeing of people.
  4. The features of non-disclosure agreements.
  5. The role of wording in legal texts related to business law.
  6. Preventing your employees from starting rival companies.
  7. The development of the concept of insider trading.
  8. The definition of the lines of authority before the beginning of important negotiations.
  9. The features of corruption cases that involve state officials.
  10. Creating a product without violating any copyrights and patents.
  11. The role of the overlap between shareholders and stakeholders in the definition of insider trading.
  12. The benefits for singers who are represented by a recording company when it comes to copyright law.
  13. Business law and dress code issues.
  14. A legal protection of a company with limited liability in comparison to sole traders.
  15. The difference between business law in communist and capitalist countries.
  16. The interaction between business law, federal law, and state law and running businesses based on marijuana in the USA.
  17. Sexual harassment within a company and business law.
  18. The effects of litigation procedures on businesses.
  19. Advantages and disadvantages of tort reform.
  20. The ways to identify bankruptcy fraud.

How to Write an Essay on Business Law

The core element of a good paper is a thorough study conducted by its author. You should gather and process plenty of information about your topic. If you don’t know what sources you should read, ask your instructor. They should know everything that you might need.

Don’t start composing your paper until you’ve made a good outline. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to create a well-structured academic work. You may use narrow terms related to your topic in your text because your audience should be familiar with them.

A very important step is to proofread your essay carefully. Your teacher won’t be impressed if you submit a paper with typos and grammar errors. Revise your text several times before submitting it.