Picking Up Strong Argumentative Essay Topics About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects a large percentage of every society, no matter how wealthy the nation. Hopefully, this issue won’t be close to home for you, but for many this may not be the case and they may have personal experience with this issue. This can make it much easier to select a topic since you have an incident or issue that you can investigate for yourself, provided it is safe for you to do so. Here are eleven strong argumentative essay topics on domestic violence for you to consider:

  1. The person’s childhood family upbringing has a lot to do with how they react to domestic violence.

  2. Domestic violence is not only experienced by females, men are quite capable of finding themselves in abusive relationships where they feel like they have no way out.

  3. How has the stigma against men in abusive positions affected society’s ability to assist them?

  4. Is it still considered domestic violence if both parties physically assault each other on equal grounds which can be considered a fair fight?

  5. Should the support systems that society has in place to assist victims be given the power to forcibly remove a victim from a relationship and confine them for their own safety, despite objections from the victim?

  6. Is society paying enough attention to the effects that witnessing domestic violence can have on young children?

  7. The law seems to favor a couple finding ways to resolve their issues rather than encourage divorce and breaking up of families, is this practice a sensible one?

  8. Adult programming may have desensitized people to acts of sexual violence and many acts of physical violence occur in everyday sex as a result. Is it possible that some partners can take it too far requiring governing bodies to step in and define parameters for physical expression during sexual intercourse?

  9. Should corporal punishment issued by parent upon disobedient children be considered family violence?

  10. Is the act of one spouse abusing another a form of pleasure for them and this is why it occurs or are there more tangible reason for the widespread occurrence of physical abuse in many families?

  11. How dos the police’s actions regarding case of physical abuse experienced by men affect the chances that these instances will be reported?

  12. Should law regarding physical violence in homes be made stricter requiring guilty persons to be punished severely for their abuse of power?