Choosing A Proper Outline Format For A Reflective Essay

“What exactly is a reflective essay and how do I go about constructing an outline for one?” is a question you’re likely to be asking yourself if you don’t know the answer and have just been set this type of assignment! Well, there’s no need to worry. Here are some suggestions to help you on your way:

So what is it?

This type of paper is an analytical work comprising of a description (where you will describe the facts of the event or experience in hand) and a reflection (an evaluation of that event/experience).

The introduction obviously comes first. This should comprise of an overview of what the paper is about and the specific issues being reflected, as well as why the analysis is of importance and how you plan to develop it through definitions and using the reflective model.

The main body of your chapters will consist of the description, reflection and analysis.

The conclusion will provide a summary of the issues explored, reiterate the point of the paper and come to relevant conclusions, including a course of action to be taken.

Find examples.

The best way of getting a full grasp of what is expected is to find samples of other papers in this style.

The first port of call should be your campus library. There are bound to be a plethora of past student papers which you can study. Make notes as you do so- and remember to look at good examples! You don’t want to be basing your project on the opposite!

You can also use the internet to find plenty of examples. Some will give more details than others, so I recommend you always visit reputable educational websites to make sure you’re getting the correct ones.

Make certain.

Depending on your subject field, it’s possible there are slightly different rules for what’s expected of this type of paper- so ascertain that you know what is expected. Have you overlooked a handout your teacher gave you, perhaps? If you are in any doubt, then simply ask your teacher.

Your teacher can help in other ways too. If you’re struggling with the format of this essay, or any other issue, be sure to knock on your professor’s door. There’s no need to feel awkward in doing so- your teachers want you to succeed you know! If you’re somewhat confused on this project, just sit down and discuss it- I guarantee you that it will make things easier!