A List Of 12 Fresh Essay Topics About Western Civilization

Composing an essay about Western civilization usually requires studying the roots of Europeans and citizens of the Mediterranean. The most important time periods to write about include the Dark ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment age, and the Age of Discovery. The most popular subjects are significant events, famous politicians, governance, trade, and art.

The essay about Western civilization is fun to work on. You should simply choose the topic that truly interests you and carefully follow your professor’s instructions. It is recommended that you study a list of sample topic ideas before you start brainstorming your own one, as this will help you understand your options.

Sample Essay Topic Ideas to Get Started

The following 12 fresh essay topics about Western civilization are worth your attention:

  1. Select a European artist who most impacted the culture of your country. (Write about his or her key works and provide significant quotations.)
  2. Pick a European country and describe its greatest architectural monument. (Choose something that can be referred as a symbol of a nation.)
  3. Prove a claim that farming resulted in civilization in Southern Europe. (Narrow your topic by writing about a particular country and provide strong evidence.)
  4. Study the democracy in the Greek states. (Explain the concept and describe how people used their right to vote.)
  5. Compare and contrast the main ideas of Aristotle and Socrates. (Provide the key ideas of both philosophers and write several paragraphs shedding light on differences in their approaches.)
  6. Argue that one British king or queen was the best. (Look through the most famous British kings and queens to select a person that you consider the most influential at the time.)
  7. Focus your writing on how different countries of the Western civilization participated in the World War I. (Describe the main reasons of confrontation between different countries and the role of the political leaders.)
  8. Analyze the main goals of Adolf Hitler as a politician. (Provide evidence that Hitler was a talented politician who did a lot to pursue his goals.)
  9. Explain why the Catholic Church had an immense power in the Medieval times. (Select a particular time period and write about the decisions made by the family of Cardinals.)
  10. Describe the key accomplishments of the Europeans in the Age of Discovery. (Analyze why in the 15th century Europeans started such an extensive overseas exploration.)
  11. Compare different kinds of sports in Europe and the US. (Describe the similarities and differences between American football and European soccer.)
  12. Provide your point of view on why some European countries need the monarchy. (Consider the Great Britain or Sweden to explain the role of the monarchy in the history of the country.)