Interesting Ideas For A Compare And Contrast Essay In Art

A compare and contrast essay in art requires you to find the similarities and differences of two subjects, ideas, events, or characters. The main purpose of this kind of academic writing is to make a meaningful argument about the subjects under study based on the comparison. To complete your assignment successfully, you need to study the instructions provided, select an interesting topic, and formulate a strong argument.

How to Decide What to Write Your Essay About

Probably, the hardest task for students is to decide what to focus on. By answering the following questions, you will narrow down your topic idea:

  • What is relevant to the task?
  • What subjects related to art are interesting to compare and contrast?
  • Is a chosen topic relevant to the course?
  • Can you come up with a meaningful argument?
  • What is the more important – the similarities or differences?

Suppose that you want to compare two paintings. For your art class, the fact that one painting is bigger than the other does not seem to be relevant, nor the fact that one of them has a wooden frame. Instead, you should focus on the painting style, colors, tiny details, and so forth. Keep in mind that writing about something relevant, but boring is also a bad idea.

What Ideas for a Compare and Contrast Paper in Arts to Consider

If you lack inspiration, studying interesting sample topics is a good way to get started. These 10 ideas for a compare and contrast essay in art are worth considering:

  1. Compare Renaissance and Neoclassicism art periods with respect to the major masterpieces created by artists.
  2. Select a pair of paintings on a similar subject matter and analyze the similarities and differences in terms of composition features, technique, and perspective.
  3. Find the key differences between the pop culture in the 1960s and 1990s and describe them in detail.
  4. Analyze how Christianity has affected the art trends in Europe in the middle ages, as compared to the impact of Islam on culture in Asia.
  5. Argue what kind of art is more influential these days – music or literature.
  6. Contrast two bestselling sci-fi books written on a similar topic and find out why they have become so popular.
  7. Determine the distinctive features of modern dance and ballroom dancing and contrast them.
  8. Figure out the differences between comics and graphic novels.
  9. Describe the style of the Blue Rider expressionist group and compare their artistic style to most famous representatives of abstract expressionism.
  10. Analyze why a chosen sequel was less successful than an earlier movie.