The Difference Between Argumentative And Expository Essays

There are so many good ideas that you will always come up with in the event that you have been given some task to write. In as far as essay writing is concerned, two of the most common papers that students are asked to write all the time are either argumentative or expository papers. These two types of essays have certain differences which you need to understand, so that you can write the best paper. If you do not get this right, there is a good chance that you might end up writing on in place of the other.

For those who do not know what to do, I’ve found this site that actually shows you what you need to do, and more importantly, you can also get help from there if you have any other concerns. Here are the main differences between these two:

  1. The content
  2. Nature of reporting
  3. Opening sentence
  4. Support one another
  • The content
  • The nature of the content that is available in these two papers is often different. In the case of an expository paper, this paper basically provides information about something. On the other hand however, the argumentative paper will go further and provide facts and statistical information to back up any claims.

  • Nature of reporting
  • How the reporting is done in these two papers might also show us an important factor that sets them apart from one another. Expository papers for example, often provide a balanced account of happenings given a particular subject that is being studied. However, an argumentative paper on the other hand can be biased depending on the account of whoever is reporting an issue.

  • Opening sentence
  • If you take a look at the first sentence of these two papers, you will note another important difference between them. Expository papers will always start the first sentence of the paper by introducing the topic that is being studied. On the other hand, argumentative papers will simply skip to the facts, and start by stating the argument that is to be discussed.

  • Support one another
  • If you are keen, you will also come to realize that in as much as these papers are different from one another, they tend to support one another too. An argumentative paper for example, can easily contain some elements of an expository paper, so it pretty much can depend on the other.