A List Of Impressive Persuasive Essay Topics On Domestic Violence

Essays are methodological analysing of topics. It is also described a s a short piece of writing on a piece of work where you need to evaluate tan d analyse the entire topic and give a great description about it. We all have come across essays in all parts of our education life. As the time marches forwards so does the complexity of the topic and the writing structure changes and gets enhanced.

What are the different types of essay?

  • Narrative essay: Here you need to narrate an incident to your reader. You can tell a story or an incident and describe it in your words. The more beautiful and meticulous your work will be, greater number of readers will get attracted to your writings.
  • Descriptive essay: Here you need to describe a typical scenario. It is more of a like painting a picture. The smoothness of your work should be so much that people should get enthralled with your descriptions.
  • Argumentative essay: Here you need to argue on a particular topic. You have to harvest new thoughts in the mind of the readers. For these kinds you need to have loads of research work done to support your arguments.
  • Persuasive essay: This talk of the article. This is one of the most interesting sort. Here you need to persuade the readers on a particular topic and the effects that are befalling on us or on our society. You need to implant the thoughts in the minds of the readers so that they get moved by your approach.

The writer needs to build a case. The case must be based on strong facts and expert opinions else it may lose its grounds and thus fall weak.

Let us go through some of the persuasive topics on domestic violence:

  1. The effect of domestic violence on children and the psychological repercussion because of it.
  2. The rate of domestic violence is more in the third world country. Discuss.
  3. Negative effects on children on exposure to domestic violence.
  4. Domestic abusing the consequence faced due to it.
  5. The rate of domestic violence proves that women are weaker gender. Discuss.
  6. Do the denying of domestic violence by the victim acts as the main cause for it to aggravate more in recent years.
  7. Domestic violence leads to mental dis balance amongst the oppressed in later part of life.