Good Ideas For Your College Essay About Money And Power

Are you trying to write an essay on the topic of money and power, but have no idea what a good topic is? To select a title that is worth writing on you have to consider many different points at the same time. Only then will you able to get a grade that matches your true potential. To find out how you can select a good quality topic don’t hesitate to read the rest of this article. You’ll see that finding an essay topic on money and power is not that difficult when you know how to do so.

Visit Financial Websites

There are many websites out there that have a bunch of articles and blogs on the topic of money and power. You can use these as a source of information regarding what different topics you could potentially select. You’ll find that there are many different choices available when you do the correct research. Just take into consideration not to copy, but instead use the info you come across only as inspiration.

Example topics

To get the ball rolling here are some essay topics on power and money that you could potentially use for your own project:

  • Is the obsession with money increasing or decreasing as this century moves forward?
  • How can the objective of companies to make as much money as possible chance so that sound morals are implemented?
  • Is it a good thing to be greedy in the business world?
  • Is making money the only thing that should matter for a business?
  • What types of business should care more about than simply increasing their bottom line?
  • Is constant reinvestment into a company a good idea, or should the profits be spent mostly on salaries?
  • What is the correct balance between the division of wealth, power and money in a corporation?
  • Has the Western world too much greed for money in the modern age?
  • Why is the balance between the rich and poor increasing?
  • What can be done to decrease the gap between the rich and poor?
  • How can individuals be encouraged to make a lot of money in their own businesses?
  • Is money and power something that cannot be separated?
  • How is the focus on money in a business a bad thing?