5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay Format: Simple MLA Guidelines

Argumentative essays help a reader to understand the writer’s state of mind, way of thinking, personality, etc. These are quite often given as assignments in schools and colleges. But before going forward with such an assignment, you have to know what it really is. These kinds of compositions are aimed to bring out the opinion of the writer on a certain topic. The writer has to back that opinion with strong evidence and logic.

Now, the structure of a 5 paragraph composition is quite easy to work with. The first paragraph that you’re going to write is going to be an introduction to your composition. It is where you’re going to mention the topic that you’re going to write upon.

Each of the next three paragraphs are going to present three different arguments of yours on the topic. You need to produce supporting logic and proofs in all of the three paragraphs so as to justify your arguments.

The last paragraph is the concluding one where you need to restate the topic of the composition and also your overall perspective on it.

Following are a few simple MLA guidelines which are going to help you write your 5 paragraph argumentative essay:

  • The paper that you’re going to use for printing has to be of the dimensions 8.5 x 11 inch. The paper has to be white.
  • The whole composition has to be double-spaced.
  • The font that you’ll be using has to be a legible one so that the readers are easily able to differentiate between the regular text and the italicized text. The font size that you’ll be using in this format has to be 12pt.
  • The margins are to be set at an inch from all of the four sides.
  • You need to create a page header that will contain the page number on the upper right corner of each page.
  • In the upper left corner of your title page, you need to mention your name, your lecturer’s name, the course number and section and the present date.
  • The title should have the same font settings as the rest of the paper. It shouldn’t be bolded or enlarged. You don’t need to put any extra spaces below or above the title. The title is to be centred.
  • There should be no extra spacing after a paragraph as well.
  • You need to leave a single space after each of your punctuation marks.
  • When you’re making citations, do not put commas in between the author and the page number.