Simple Instructions For Composing A One-Page College Essay

Believe it or not, writing a one page essay can be much harder than writing a 10 page paper, especially when it is at a college level. Writing a one page paper means that you must be incredibly concise—you can’t waste any of your words.

Follow these simple instructions for composing a one page college essay:

  1. Choose a very narrow topic
  2. Even if your professor has assigned a general topic, you’ll still have to decide what aspect of it to write about. When choosing your topic, make sure it is very narrow. Because you have only one page, you can really only try to make one main point in your paper, as you’ll need to provide evidence to back it up as well.

  3. Include a thesis statement
  4. Having a clear thesis statement is a great way to make your paper effective and efficient. Your reader won’t have to wonder what point you are trying to make, because right off the bat you will lay it out for them clearly. Traditionally the thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction paragraph. But because your introduction may only be a couple sentences, put it wherever it makes the most sense at the beginning of the paper.

  5. Break your paper into introduction, body, and conclusion
  6. You are probably used to breaking your paper up into an introduction, body, and conclusion. And you should still do this in your one page paper. But keep in mind that people have a tendency to put irrelevant information in their introduction, and often spend too much space summarizing in their conclusion. In a short paper, keep your introduction and conclusion very brief, and focus on the body of the paper, which will probably only be a paragraph or two. In the conclusion of your paper, focus on stating why your topic is important, rather than summarizing the points you’ve already made.

  7. Edit it, reading each sentence and asking if you can make it shorter or more simple
  8. Chances are, the reason your professor assigned a one page paper wasn’t because they are too lazy to read through longer papers, it was because they are trying to get you to learn to write more carefully and concisely. Many people write how they think or speak, which is generally inefficient. To avoid this, you should write your paper, then go back through sentence by sentence, reading them, and seeing if you can make them shorter and more simple.