Practical Tips For Composing An Opinion Essay About Size Zero Models

In the UK, America and Canada, women are found rushing towards the local gym clubs to cut their figures. They want size zero figures to participate in various fashion exhibitions. To be frank, the size zero models are ultra thin hour glass shaped figures without least fat in the bodies of people. Write the informative opinion essay on the size zero models. The essay will exhibit your opinions about this new trend of becoming size zero with ultra sleekness to attract others.

Important Points

  • Write 3 paragraph opinion based content with introduction, body of content and conclusion
  • Give your views
  • Give examples
  • Describe pros and cons of zero size diet

New Trend in UK

In the UK, 32-34 size is considered to be the perfect zero size model. In Europe, same parameter has been approved to call someone zero size model. When deliver your opinions regarding the importance of this zero size modeling, you can bombard few burning examples to motivate your fans. Recently arrival of Ramos and sexy Reston in the modeling industry revives high profile European females to go for zero size diet. These sexy and hot model girls have ultra sleek figures without presence of fat in their bodies. They are appreciated by celebrities. In your opinion paper, mention some remarks made by these extraordinary celebrities.

Give Opinions about Zero Size Model

The zero size diet should be well planned and crafted depending on the health condition of people. Instead of taking powerful weight loss supplements to have speedy ultra slimness overnight, people need to opt for the planned zero size dietary program. In your opinion based content, you can project your views by giving a comparison report in simple language. Pros and cons of the zero size models must be covered in the content. The planned zero size diet will enable people to deplete fat and lose weight. However at the same time, they must be cautious about their health as too much fat depletion can be harmful to them. Therefore, they should need the proper medical supervision and care when they need to build up their body cutting excess fat.

The opinion based write-up must have three parts like introduction, body of content and lastly conclusion. The introductory part is obviously important to make an initial preview directing readers to go through remaining paragraphs meticulously. This statement is written by a student with the purpose of exposing objectives and major elements precisely. It gives a snapshot about the findings which must be broadly explained in the rest of the content. However, a small and effective transitional phrase will rejuvenate the content by ensuring the good connectivity between the introduction and the body of the content.

The conclusion is the reflector of the introduction. However, don’t do blunder by copying the thesis statement directly from the introduction. Your opinion based write-ups on zero size models should not be biased and over-plagiarized.