10 Helpful Hints For Writing An Essay On Immigration

Immigration is a natural activity, carried out by just about every living creature on the planet, where the opportunity presents itself. Despite its natural tendency to exist, populations around the world have experienced many problems arising out of this activity and governments have been hard pressed, by populations, to solve these problems.

While immigration may be common, the problems and benefits of the act is so complex, that there is no simple solution. For this reason, most places have chosen to go by the guidelines set by international governmental organizations. Still, despite huge efforts, no system has proven effective enough to appease the concerns of the populations of many developed countries. Consider the following short points to help you compose an essay on immigration:

  1. What is immigration
  2. What behavior is required for a person or groups of persons to be considered immigrants? At what point in the family tree do individuals stop being considered an immigrant?

  3. Who immigrates?
  4. Can you easily identify the person or person that will eventually get up and leave their countries of origin?

  5. Why do people choose to migrate?
  6. What factors affects the frequency of migrations? Should governments try to change these conditions to prevent this from happening?

  7. What is the effect of immigrants on developed countries
  8. What is the most significant impact of immigrants on the countries they choose to settle in and why?

  9. Are countries of frequent immigrants affected by this decrease in population
  10. At what points does its become too much? Are the home countries of immigrants ever concerned about the decrease in population?

  11. What can countries do to regulate immigration?
  12. What are the measures that are most effective in controlling immigration activities, at the borders of affected countries?

  13. Are immigrants directly responsible for the grievance they cause?
  14. Is there enough evidence to support the claims that immigrants have a significant negative impact on the communities they live in?

  15. Should immigration be stopped?
  16. Are there sufficient reasons to justify a restriction on migrations or would doing so be worse for all countries?

  17. Who benefits more from immigration?
  18. Which party benefits the most from migrations, the countries of origins, or the destinations? What are your reasons?

  19. What are your own thoughts on immigration?
  20. You should include your personal opinions and experience with immigrants in your essay as well. First hand experience is always most reliable, include any references you may have in your essay, to support your story.