Recommendations On How To Find A Strong Essay Topic On Indian Culture

When you are taking a world class such as literature or history, you will be assigned many writing evaluations. The country, its culture, the geography, and the people could all be topics. Some of the title choices are not very creative. If you want to have a creative and powerful paper, you may have to think out of the box. We can suggest a few recommendations on how to find a strong essay topic on Indian Culture.

Places to Look and Things to Do

  • Consider the film industry-many of the country’s traditional nuances can be found in Bollywood movies. Grab yourself some popcorn and watch a few of them. Pay attention to social order and the caste system. You can also explore the male as the dominant gender in the country. You can enjoy a day at the movies and gather research for you piece.
  • Food-the food and how its popularity has spread is a great subject to write about in your piece. You can discuss the reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables and the vegetarian driven menu.
  • Mother Teresa and Calcutta- explore the conditions in Calcutta and how Mother Teresa worked to change what was a country’s major problem. You can look at the population and the poverty as you look at her work.
  • Gender Roles-the gender roles and places are very strict in this nation. Explore what is and what is not considered viable roles for each gender.
  • Clothes-the fashion of India is a great topic to explore. The fine jewels, silks, and gold jewelry are all components of the world of fashion in India. Explore some of the contemporary designers such as Manish Malhotra, Wendell Rodricks, Abu Jani, and Sandeep Khosta.
  • The push for excellence in academics-explore the drive that makes the entire country exceptional students. The push to do-better even if it means going to school for hours and then to tutoring after regular school is almost a standard in the school. Look closely at the programs developed by Anand Kumar in 2002. You could also research Sal Khan, the founder of the famous Khan Academy.

As you write your paper on Indian culture, make sure to consider our new take on some old ideas. Look at the films, food, Mother Teresa, gender roles, clothes and fashion, and the push for educational excellence. You will enjoy getting to know the country.