The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose Creative Titles For Literature Essays

One of the aspects of a literature essay that draws the attention of the readers is a catchy title. Creating titles is almost an art. If a title looks boring or ridiculous, many people won’t even try to start reading your paper. A good title, on the other hand, will attract even the readers who aren’t really interested in your topic. Follow the tips below to create a great name for your literature paper.

  1. Write the paper first.
  2. Many students start with composing titles and only then move on to writing their papers. This is a mistake. The name of a paper should resemble its contents. It’s much easier to adjust a title to the text than vice versa.

  3. Consider the tone of the essay.
  4. If you’re writing a literature analysis on To Kill a Mockingbird, your title should be rather serious. If the subject of your paper is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, nobody will blame you for using humor in the title.

  5. Follow the winning formula.
  6. Often, a good title consists of two parts. The first part is a hook that attracts the attention of people. It is usually followed by a colon. The second part is an explanatory phrase that makes the reader understand what your paper is actually about.

  7. Find three keywords.
  8. A good way to create your hook is to highlight the main three keywords that characterize your paper. Just list these words separated by commas and add your explanation after a colon.

  9. Use a catchy phrase.
  10. You may use a quote from the subject of your literature analysis and use it as a hook. For example, if you’re writing an essay on Macbeth, your title may look like this: “Toil and Trouble: Murderers and Schemers in Macbeth.”

  11. Use an impressive image.
  12. Think about some interesting scene from a book that you’re analyzing. If you manage to convey it in a few words, it might become a great hook for your title. Follow the formula and add a relevant explanation afterward.

  13. Rephrase a cliché.
  14. If you know some commonly known phrase that would look relevant in your title if you change some words in it, you may use this trick. This will make the reader immediately notice your essay among other papers.

Remember that if you have problems with your academic assignment, you should go to your teacher. They’ll give you a good answer on any question and help you with difficult parts.