A Complete Guide To Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On Smoking

You have your hands full on writing cause and effect essay on smoking, but you are stuck and afraid that you will fail it? Don’t be, make sure to finish reading this article and you will find out what you have to do to finish it on time and even get a top grade for it. Make sure to follow these steps and you will be you your way to finishing your task faster than you think.

  • Research
  • There a lot of information about effects of smoking. What you have to do is to make sure that you take your time and research the topic. Over time the view on smoking changed a lot so make sure to read articles and information that is new. In that way you will get an up to date information that will make your task fresh and insightful. Great way to start is the internet, there you can find a lot of information about smoking, just don’t take everything for granted and take your time to get to the bottom of the issue. Books are a must when you are doing research. Pick books from various fields of medicine or psychology on smoking.

  • Structure
  • Make sure to take time and find out what are the requirements from your school to do your task. A sample on a similar or different topic will allow you to find out what the structure must be. Your time doing it will be shorter if you choose a correct structure to write. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers or professors how it should be done. If you have something that you wrote give it to someone to read and give their opinion on your work.

  • Interesting title
  • Sometimes title is what makes your task to stand out. Smoking is a big issue so there a many things to write about it. Pick a title that you find is provoking or gets people talking about it. Feel free to pick something that changed over time. It might be hard to find a good topic so talk with your friends, teachers or other people. That way you will find fresh ideas and opinions about smoking. Ask people why they started smoking and how it effects them, why they quit smoking or are long time smokers.