General Tips On How To Format A 3-Paragraph Essay

Writing essays are easy if you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Formatting is one of those gray areas that a lot of people are not 100 percent sure on. Here are a couple of tips on how to properly format a small 3 paragraph essay.

  1. Understand the Basics
  2. Formatting by itself is simple. You only need to know how to go about following the specifications set by whoever wants you to write the essay. Researching how to use certain format techniques can be easily done via the help option on your word processor.

    Paragraph spacing is a big deal on smaller assignments. You need to know how far each paragraph must be indented and how much space is required between each paragraph.

    Here are the simplest things done when formatting a paper:

    Setting lines to be single or double spaced Determining how much space is needed along the sides of the paragraphs Adding a header or footer if it is required
  3. Know Exactly What Kind Of Formatting Is Desired
  4. Normally a teacher or professor will give you a separate page detailing exactly how they want your paper formatted. Not much will need to be done for something as short as three paragraphs since it will most likely be less than a page. If you are given free range have some fun with it. You can add borders or select a special font to make your essay unique.

  5. Have It Ready before Hand
  6. The best way to keep yourself within your formatting guidelines is to have them set before you even begin writing. This way you will not forget to go back later. Once your specifics have been set you can save your draft that way; this way every time you come back to your work it will be ready and worry free on your part.

  7. Produce a Rough Draft
  8. Create a copy of a rough draft that has already been formatted. Bring it to either the teacher who gave the assignment or someone who knows their way around formatting. Getting their feedback will help you to know exactly what needs tweaking before turning in the final project.

Once you get the basics of formatting smaller papers down, doing the same to larger essays will never be a problem. As stated above, it is important to memorize the basics in order to have full confidence in all of your work.