Writing A Powerful Conclusion To An Argumentative Essay

The conclusion of an argumentative essay is as important as the introduction. This is because the goal of the concluding paragraph is to close what you have been discussing. You will use the conclusion to convince your reader that the essay has covered some of the key arguments on the issue and that the main conclusion is the right position on an issue. Avoid presenting new arguments in the concluding paragraph.

Why a conclusion

You should bear in mind that there is a lot that is at stake when writing the conclusion. This is because; this will be your last chance to persuade the reader to accept your argument. The impression that you will create in the conclusion will remain in the mind of the readers after they have concluded reading the essay. Therefore, it is important for the essay’s end to convey closure and completeness. It should also show lingering possibilities, the larger meaning and implications. It is the final paragraph that should try to close your discussion and at the same time leaving it open.

Many students find it challenging to conclude their argumentative essay. After doing a lot of work on the essay’s body, they will want to ensure that the essay has been finished off quickly. This makes them to rush off and end up with a badly written and rushed paragraph. However, with the concluding paragraph being the essay’s last part that the reader will go through, it is important for you to ensure that you spend time carefully working on the conclusion so that your readers can have a great final impression of the essay.

Parts of a conclusion

There are 3 key parts in the simple introduction to the argumentative essay. You should begin your conclusion by restating your main conclusion. The next part should have one or 2 general sentences that are summarize the argument in an accurate way to support your main conclusion. The third part should have a warning of the repercussions of failure to follow the conclusion. Alternatively, you may have to write a general phrase on the benefits of following the conclusion.

To create a sense of closure

In order to show closure, you should link your last paragraph to the first one. All you will need to do is to reiterate a phrase or word that you had used in the beginning. You can also conclude using a one-syllable word. For more ideas on how to write conclusion for your argumentative essay, visit this website.