Picking Up Compare And Contrast Essay Writing Topics For College

To kick start your assignment related with a compare and contrast essay, you should first of all choose the kind of assignment that will fit your needs based on your school or college requirements. College students have to be very choosy regarding choosing the topics. Dust off your powers of creativity and find fun in writing such essays.

Check out the below stated list of brilliant compare and contrast essay writing topics-

  1. Compare Mahatma Gandhi with Osama Bin Laden. Evaluate them on basis of their motivational qualities, their leadership qualities and their end. Apart from that there are several other factors you can compare these influential figures. Talk about the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi and his role for the welfare of the society. On the same time talk about the heinous qualities of Osama Bin Laden who was a high profile militant and was liable for destructions.

  2. Compare Edward Snowden with Julius Caesar: Compare both these characters in terms of their instrumental roles in the demise of powerful institutions. Discuss the role of Snowden where he fought for the rights of the public and Ceasar who was against the public and had a quest for ultimate power.

  3. Tom Robinson vs OJ Simpson: Talk about both the black men who took a stand against the accused of violence happening to the white women. Talk about how they were convicted for their misdemeanors. Conduct a debate as in if these men actually wanted to bring justice or were themselves a victim of racial discrimination and wanted to take revenge against the whites.

  4. Frederick Doughlas vs Harriet Jacobs: Talk about these former slaves who later on turned into abolitionists. Discuss their thoughtful autobiographical accounts, struggles and hardships.

  5. Joseph Stalin vs Adolf Hitler: Talk about both the high profile dictators and their role during WWI and WWII. Discuss these leaders of Nazi and Communist party relating them with the human atrocities.

  6. Alice Walker vs Maya Angelou: Talk about the contribution of both the African American authors in context of fictional and non-fictional texts. Write a contrast essay discussing their role as an actress and film television producers.

  7. Locke vs Hobbes: Talk about these 17th century English philosophers and their role in political philosophy. Discuss the issues on which they disagreed.

  8. Oprah Winfrey vs Ellen DeGeneres: Talk about both these American television personalities who differ in terms of their witty humor and sarcastic criticism remarks.

  9. W.E.B. DuBois vs Booker T. Washington: Talk about these activists and great leaders from black community who existed during early 20th century. What were their views on racial equality and how they achieved it?

  10. Socrates vs Plato: Both were founders of Western Philosophers and were great ancient Greek philosophers. Discuss their philosophies and how they differed.