Selecting Intriguing Problem Solution Essay Topics For Fourth Grade: Tips & Examples

When children reach the fourth grade it is time for them to develop problem-solving skills. This is not always easy for the youngsters because they are used to giving set answers for everything. It makes it essential for a teacher to assign essay topics that are interesting, and require a little bit of thought finding the right examples. You can find some topics in a number of places.

  • Pinterest. Quite a few teachers are using Pinterest as a place to share ideas and possible lesson plans. This posting board in cyberspace can save a fourth grade teacher quite a bit of time;

  • Teachers Guides. The same publishing company that produces the textbook may also have teachers guides that are full of examples;

  • Online Teacher Websites. An Internet search can come up with a number of sites that cater to fourth grade teachers. These can carry all kinds of examples.

When thinking about some examples which might spark the interest of the fourth-grader, here are a few.

  1. There is a new student in the classroom and she’s acting very shy. What are some ways you would make this person feel welcome?

  2. Too many young people spend all their time playing video games or watching television. This isn’t always a healthy thing to do. What are some ways to get kids to do other leisure activities? (These cannot be boring).

  3. Every school has at least one or two bullies on the playground. How can you best stop a bully from misbehaving? Think about ways to change behavior that doesn’t require disciplinary action.

  4. Homework sometimes is awfully dull. Can you think of ways to make assignments more exciting at the same time be a learning experience? Give at least three possible solutions.

The teacher should always remember that the young person’s thought development has to be considered. Giving assignment as over the head of the fourth-grader is not really a way of challenging them. In fact, it can be extremely intimidating. The young learner has to be able to develop confidence in what he or she is writing. Instead of using excessive praise it is better to have topics that are not extraordinarily difficult, and are interesting to a 10-year-old child. A benefit of using problem solving solutions as a learning tool is that the students are better able to express themselves in a proactive way. They begin to view problem-solving as something they can do and not just rely on others.