Brilliant Persuasive Essay Topics Related To Animals

Writing a persuasive essay about animals might be difficult if you aren’t given a list of topics to consider. A good topic makes every paper special and interesting to the readers. If you want to come up with a brilliant idea, you have to follow simple suggestions and study sample ideas provided below:

  1. Identify what you would like to write about.
  2. It’s interesting to write about animals. However, different students like different animals; you should also identify your favorite animal and learn more about it. It’s a good idea to devote your essay to your own pet.

  3. Find out what issues you can discuss.
  4. For example, if your favorite pet is a cat, you should think about some arguable issues related to cats. In other words, try to come up with a situation that you’ll argue about in your persuasive essay. You can provide an argument that all the cat owners should vaccinate their pets or try to persuade the readers that all the cat pets should have special chips with information of their owners.

  5. Decide what position you support.
  6. After you found out an issue that can be discussed, you should decide what you feel about the topic and what point of view you support. Keep in mind that it makes sense to conduct some preliminary research, so you’ll get familiar with the subject, understand important details, and formulate a justified position. This will help you clarify your topic.

  7. Study good samples.
  8. Most professors ask their students to study sample persuasive essay topics before composing their own study ideas. You can use your search engine, visit the library, brainstorm with your friends, or check the list of good persuasive essay topics related to animals below:

    • The best pets are cats.
    • Animal testing should be banned in every country.
    • It’s better to adopt a pet instead of buying it.
    • The benefits of having a pet at home.
    • Dogs should be outdoor pets.
    • People who don’t like dogs are cruel.
    • Children should be taught to take care of pets.
    • Poaching as a crime.
    • Stock raising and the economy.

Although you can select one of the topics written above, you should better come up with your own unique idea. Remember what books about animals your read, what TV shows about pets you enjoyed, or talk to a friend who has a pet and knows a lot about it. Stay creative and plan before you start to write your assignment.