List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Writing a good essay is an art because you may be able to pen down certain words on the given topic but a good paper needs to be well planned, composed and grammatically sound. A persuasive essay means that the writer needs to convince the audience of his ideas and opinions by developing a stance and using strong factual and logical evidence to prove it. It is important to stay objective while writing such assignment because the readers can judge if your writing is biased.

The topic of a persuasive essay is very important because it will decide the overall scope of your paper. You cannot base an argument on a statement of fact or common knowledge so it is best to write a careful topic after thinking critically and developing an argument

Topics for a persuasive paper in middle school

Here is a list of persuasive essay topics you can consider for high school. Remember that these are only suggestions and you need to make sure that your topic is original and unique. If you like any of these topic ideas, you can edit and rephrase it in your own words

  1. Little knowledge is dangerous because it can cause severe harm
  2. The life spent in a village is better than that of the one spent in an urban area
  3. Country side lacks the major facilities of life and is not an ideal place to live
  4. Taking a break is sometimes really important to continue with life
  5. Taking too much breaks will distract you from your work
  6. Smoking causes serious effects to teenagers and young children
  7. Performance enhancing drugs are not good because they are an escape from the reality
  8. Is it safe to dye your hair when you are expecting
  9. Graduation is not mandatory to get a good job it all depends upon your skills
  10. Graduation is must if you want to find relevant and well-paid jobs
  11. Freelance writing is better than a regular job
  12. Sun exposure causes skin cancer
  13. College life is better than school years because you have much to experience
  14. School life is better than university life
  15. The internet has made our lives easier
  16. Use of mobile phone under age is harmful
  17. Is cosmetic surgery worth it
  18. Testing products on animals