Writing A Brilliant Cultural Context Comparative Essay

For writing a comparative essay it is important to have strong analytical skills as in this type of writing you would be required to compare and contrast between two subjects and decide your own stand on it. The topic can be anything and thus whatever topic you choose, you must ensure you have vast knowledge on both the subjects.

Taking a stand is also not an easy task, as you have to justify why you hold such an opinion in order to convince you readers of your point of view. It can be two types. You would either be required to support one side and explain why you have chosen to support it or will have to simply draw comparisons between the two ideas or subjects, focusing on both similarities and dissimilarities.

Comparative essays on cultural contexts can be written in a very interesting way and it also provides you with ample scopes to delve into the brilliance of different cultures that existed from time to time and still do. Culture is a topic which in itself has a wide connotation and can fit in concepts, ideas and practises of varying types.

To make the essay look more organised and comprehensible you can include your points or arguments in separate paragraphs. You can talk about one of the subjects in one paragraph and about the other in the next.

Tips On Writing Comparative Essay On Cultural Context

If you are asked to compare and contrast between two distinct cultures belonging to two different civilisations, the first thing you are supposed to do is learn about the backgrounds in details, before you even begin to write about it.

  • Learning about its background, the people who espoused it or the different practises that were considered the part of the culture, would allow you to understand the commonalities between the two as well as the places at which they differed.

  • Finding all the similarities and the differences would enable you to take a stand. You can discuss about the drawbacks as well as the pioneering aspects of both.

  • You can point out the changes that took place in the forms of the cultural practises in both the cases over the period of time.

  • Once you have sorted out all the necessary aspects of both the cultures, you can then go ahead with the comparison part and put forward your arguments in favour of one or the other.