Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis

It is a story written by the author Franz Kafka. The story is about the reflection of one’s life. He writes fiction the problems that he went through his life with his family. The story is also known as The Transformation. In the story, Kafka replaces himself with Gregor Samsa. He wants the reader to visualize the suffering that he faced by seeing what Gregor went through. There is the struggle to get accepted by people when you are not needed. The story rhymes with the things that Kafka has written in his diary. He tries to show the reader his true weaknesses by showing those of Gregor. His life is sad because of his mental and physical defects.

Plot of the Story

Gregor is supposed to wake up early and report to work. On this day, he has a dream having changed into a creature. He does not get up early, and when he wakes up, he realizes he is late for a job. Anger catches him. His supervisor at work is worried by him being late and comes to check on him. When they call him to open the door, Gregor realizes that there is something wrong with him. He could not move and thus took longer than expected to get to the door and open the door. When the people around see his situation, they are astonished. His mother faints and the supervisor runs away. His father hides him in his room and locks him inside. The physical features of Gregor start to decrease as time goes by. In the end, he behaves like a crawling creature. He has to hide himself under the seats. He climbs on to walls and listens through the wall to what people are saying. His parents go through a lot of agonies because they do not have any source of income. They rent out some rooms in their house to get some money. The father feels that Gregor is a burden to them. They cannot however kill him. When he dies, they all are relieved.

Kafka’s case

Kafka is of age and is still living in his parent’s house. He has no job and cannot support them. His father thinks that Kafka is lazy. The suffering that he undergoes is like when Gregor’s features start diminishing. It takes time before he dies to show us how impatient the family members had gotten with Kafka. His father was so angry with him and he could not fare well with his writing.