List Of Creative Persuasive Essay Topics Related To Religion

A persuasive essay is easy because you don’t have to make too much research to write it. You already know a lot of information about this particular idea otherwise you would not support it. As you know, you need to convince other people to share your opinion; in order to do this, you must bring convincing arguments, facts and evidences. Religion is a very controversial subject, and it’s almost impossible to make someone change his personal beliefs. If you want to be creative and to write an interesting composition, check out these topic ideas:

  • Is religion misogynistic? As you know, in most of religions women can not be priests, can not rule the family and so on. Is this fair, considering the fact that nowadays women are working and living the same as men? Do you think that religion stands in the way of feminism?

  • Polygamy. Although no religion talks in clear way about the number of wives a man can have, Islam is the only religion that set the limit at four wives. This made many people angry, saying that Muslims treat women in bad way and that they are violating their human rights. What do you think about this?

  • Abortion. All religions in the world are against abortion; a woman who does this should be killed from their point of view. Even so, in the last centuries women gained their independence and now no one can force them to do something that they don’t want with their body.

  • Head covering in different cultures. In many countries people think that only Muslim women cover their hair. The truth is that every religion in the world is advising women to wear a headscarf, to protect her modesty. Talk a little bit about every culture and every type of head covering.

  • Alcohol in different cultures. As you know, in Christianity alcohol is allowed and some priests offer it in the Church, during some special rituals. On the other hand, most of other religions in the world completely prohibit alcohol and the ones who drink are severely punished.

  • Fasting. Doctors in the last years recommend fasting as a method of treatment. Also, many religions recommend fasting for a few weeks every year. There are different types of fasting, sometimes you are not allowed to even drink water, from sunrise to sunset.