The Top 23 Informative Essay Topics About Animals

The following are some simple topics that you can choose to write about when you are given a paper on animals

  1. Discuss the life cycle of a butterfly

  2. With clear examples, explain the different classification of birds as swimming, flying and running birds

  3. Discuss the concept of ornithology, and highlight the career objectives that can be achieved in this manner

  4. Discuss the importance of feathers/fur to animals

  5. Explain the difference between cold blooded animals and warm blooded animals

  6. Discuss how global warming has affected particular animals, citing examples of species that are almost getting extinct in the process

  7. The human population has played a significant role in the demise of particular animal species as a result of poaching. Explain how some of these activities can be stopped.

  8. With respect to the animal kingdom, what is an endangered species?

  9. Discuss the differences between the cat family and the dog family

  10. Is it safe to domesticate wild animals and keep them as pets? Discuss citing examples of situations where people have managed to domesticate wild animals, and some where this relationship turned tragic.

  11. Explain why cats and dogs barely ever get to see eye to eye when left together in the same room

  12. Care givers for animals are supposed to be well trained and professional in their approach. Explain why this is necessary

  13. There are animals that have a closer connection to humans than other humans have, especially the ones that we keep as pets. Discuss why this is the case.

  14. Discuss the anatomy of the animal cell from a biological point of view, using diagrams to help further your cause.

  15. Discuss the life cycle of chicken from the moment the egg is laid to the moment the egg hatches.

  16. Discuss mitosis from the point of view of an animal cell

  17. Explain the difference in appearance between desert animals and animals in the tropical areas, using the same animal class as inference.

  18. There are different biomes on earth where animals reside. Discus the difference between chaparral and coniferous animal territories.

  19. Discuss the concept of extinction from the point of view of the dinosaur existence

  20. Discuss the evolutionary chain, up to homo-sapiens

  21. Discuss why Africa is considered the cradle of mankind

  22. Take a food chain of your choice and discuss the levels from the primary producers to the quaternary consumers

  23. Discuss the different types of mammals that are available on the planet.