The Top 25 Easy Argumentative Essay Topics Worth Writing About

The process of writing an argumentative essay is more or less the same as you would have to follow when writing any other kind of work for that matter. You have to deliver a good piece of work if you want to get some good results in the process. It is important for you to make sure that you do some good research before you present your paper for marking. This will go so far in ensuring that you are able not only to get good marks, but you will also learn a lot at the same time. The following are some of the best argumentative essays that you need to consider when you are looking for a good topic to work on:

  1. Discuss the challenges of cheating in an exam
  2. Students and teachers should be allowed to grade one another
  3. Does your school have a penchant for failing so many students?
  4. Should drug testing be introduced at all levels of learning?
  5. Should gym classes be taken seriously?
  6. Criticize or support standardized tests
  7. Does the exam system in your school bring out the best of your abilities?
  8. Should homework be scrapped from schools?
  9. Should exams be scrapped from the curriculum?
  10. Oral and practical exams should be introduced in place of written exams; discuss
  11. Does your school support students with special skills and help them develop their skills?
  12. If you were a genius, would you want to keep studying in your school?
  13. Are parents becoming too intrusive in the activities of their kids?
  14. Should older siblings be allowed more freedom than younger kids?
  15. Does the spread of technology make us more dependent on tech or is it just supplementary?
  16. Discuss how technology can be distractive and destructive
  17. Do games like Candy Crush affect the brain?
  18. Are there games that can build your ability to think faster?
  19. Discuss how social media leads to depression
  20. Is online learning a real thing or a farce used to lure unknowing learners
  21. Discuss reasons why social media can and should get someone fired
  22. Does your school put technology into use properly?
  23. Explain why tablet computers will never replace laptops and desktop computers
  24. Discuss the reason why wearable devices are unnecessarily hyped
  25. Explain how you can use technology to make lives better