10 Specific Topics For An Argument Essay On The Death Penalty

All the over the world, the issue of death penalty has continued to elicit widespread debate. What most people often ask is, does someone have the right to take the life of another? There is also the issue of one becoming a threat to the existences of others. For example, what is the best punishment for someone who has murdered another? While others who argue that a murder should as well be killed, others who approach the same issue from a moral perspective and so, they would advocate for a lighter punishment such as life imprisonment or hard labor.

While arguments based on morality and legality of death penalty will always override each other from one context to another, there question of whether it should be meted on law breakers forthright remains largely elusive. Because of this, law scholars have delved into the issue and in the process to justify or rebuke death penalty. A student taking law should therefore be prepared to wade into the waters of discussing death penalty. On this premise, when it comes to writing an essay about death penalty, one of the things a student in this age should remember is the controversies surrounding the issue so that t the end of the day, interesting topics are crafted. With an interesting topic, it is easy to write something phenomenal or rather a masterpiece as others would put it. It should also be noted that writing a good article needs one to come up with a specific topics so that there is no beating about the bush. In this post, we take a look at some argumentative topics for an essay on death penalty.

  • Is death penalty a good way to administer justice to murder victims?
  • What is your opinion on death penalty? Discuss this based on moral grounds
  • Discuss the place of death penalty in modern day legal jurisdiction
  • Argue against or for the abolishment of death penalty?
  • Is death penalty the best way to discourage murder in contemporary society?
  • The case of death penalty in middle eastern countries: Argue three cases of drug dealers in the East
  • What should be the best legal substitution for death penalty?
  • A case of death penalty victims versus government- Argue out two landmark cases in the US
  • State and argue three laws on death penalty
  • Death penalty and human dignity. Argue based on Universal human rights