Compelling Essay Writing Guide for Students

When you travel to somewhere you have never visited, you may purchase a travel guide, map, or other informative material to assist you on your trip. The guide can assist you in knowing where to stay, what to eat, where to venture, and other in’s and out’s of the destination. Similarly—a writing guide can be very helpful when working on an essay assignment. It can tell you what to write, where to write it, and other crucial/necessary information. Both of these guides will make your experience better, whether it be vacation or custom essay writing for college. Check out the compelling essay writing guide we have put together for students!

Thorough Understanding

In order to best execute an assignment you must have a full understanding of the directions and rubric. By understanding exactly what your teacher is expecting and how you will be graded, you will be able to better execute your performance. For example, the rubric may state to use five different types of sources. Without reading the rubric, you would not know the expectations for your research.

Appropriate Topic

Now that you know what you are supposed to be writing about and how you should go about it, you are ready to select a topic. You want to pick a topic that is unique, interesting to you, and intriguing to others. A unique topic will generate interesting research. This appealing material will help you be more stimulated by the writing, and assist your audience in remaining engaged too.

Preliminary Research

By completing preliminary research you will be sure there is available information. Nothing is worse than deciding on a topic and then finding there is no available information for support. By doing some searching in advance you can see if your topic is under researched or overdone. The stronger the topic and available information, the better your writing.

Definite Thesis Statement

With your topic, ideas, and preliminary research you can put together a thesis statement. What is your topic and what main points do you intend to make about this topic? This information will be organized into a one to two sentence statement.

Deeper Study

You have already completed your preliminary searching, but now you will be ready for deeper study and other help with assignment. Take advantage of academic resources and technology. Visit your school’s library to explore many different source types. Use your preferred search engine to locate useful scholarly information online, too.

Proper Planning

With your thesis statement and sources, you will need a plan. The best method of planning is with an outline. An outline will organize your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion into letters and numbers. You will use this as the roadmap for your paper when writing—keeping you on point and organized.

Forward Execution

With lots of planning under your belt, you are ready for execution. The key to writing is to just begin writing. You will have the chance to perfect later.