A List Of Successful Persuasive Essay Topics On Business Strategies

Business strategy is frequently seen as the single most critical function of great business leaders. As we witness daily the winners and losers of in the myriad of multi-million dollar strategies being played out, the importance of making the right strategic choices is inarguable. Here’s a list of essay ideas around business strategy that will have you off to a great start in writing a compelling and insightful persuasive essay.

  1. Strategy matters!
  2. Not all business leaders regard strategy as critical to succeed. They’re wrong. This is why.

  3. Strategy doesn’t matter!
  4. Strategy is simply a diversion for leaders to maintain their illusion of control. Real business happens on the ground, where strategy is outdated by the time It arrives. We should stop maintaining the illusion.

  5. Strategy can never stand still
  6. In a fast-changing world, any information will quickly be outdated. Strategy must be formulated at the “speed of thought” to stay relevant.

  7. Democratise strategy now!
  8. In large companies facing complex realities, executives can never know the complete picture. Strategy must become the responsibility of everyone across the organisation.

  9. Leave it to the professionals
  10. Strategic decisions can make or break a company, and potentially impact thousands of employees and millions of consumers. It is far too important to leave to just anyone, and should only be undertaken by professionals trained in its proper art.

  11. Be truly resourceful
  12. Strategic analysis considers the resources the organisation has to hand as a test of the feasibility of the strategy implementation. This is limiting, and discourages organisations from innovating in their markets to overcome and disrupt typical resource requirements.

  13. This is (not) war
  14. Long before the modern corporation, generals and princes studied strategy. Their lessons are outdated, and we should stop basing modern business strategy in their teachings.

  15. Build the cult of the leader
  16. It is extremely rare to find any description of successful strategy without a description of a great leader who drove that strategy. So much so, that we should actively build a mythology around our leaders in order to successfully implement strategy.

  17. Intuition trumps analysis
  18. Most strategy focuses on gathering information and analysing. We should stop relying on the façade of science that this brings to the pursuit, and validate the rule of intuition in crafting great strategies.

  19. Don’t stamp out dissent
  20. To be successful at implementing strategy, it’s critical that everyone in the organisation is “on the same page”. But when formulating strategy, we should encourage dissent to truly stimulate innovation and challenge.