Top 30 Brilliant Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For University

At some point in time while pursuing a University degree, you will be required to write an essay of any kind with such an example being compare and contrast essay. While many students will always struggle so much raking their brains to generate great ideas for topics generation, sometimes there is no need for that. Every student must have heard of essay writing prompts. It’s all about taking a look at our environment and flashing back on our life’s experiences that we can come up with a marvelous and easily-thought of essay topics. Fundamentally, if you are faced with an exam which entails essay writing, apart from the usual preparation on matters relating to writing skills, use of correct grammar and spelling, you have got to think about possible topics you are likely to encounter. However, this should always be preceded by an experience in writing variety of literary pieces ranging from persuasive, argumentative, speech, narration to comparative topics. You could just be lucky to come across a topic you have written on before or one which has a close semblance with it. In this article, we take a sneak previous of top thirty brilliant compare and contrast topics to start you off.

  • An essay comparing and contrasting a private University and a public University
  • A literary piece exploring the similarities and difference between a lover and a girlfriend
  • A composition that seeks to shed light on the differences and similarities between Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions
  • A look at Harry porter series book and the screened act: What are the similarities and differences?
  • A review of great philosophers like Karl Marx and Max Webber: Their differences and similarities
  • A look at Microsoft Windows and Apple Operating System
  • A review of two computer anti-virus: Kaspersky and Avast
  • The level of pollution in America and The level of Pollution in the East
  • Composition on Barrack Obama and Nelson Mandela
  • Online learning and classroom learning
  • Social media sites literary piece: Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Tornados and Hurricanes
  • Comparing and contrasting Winter and Summer seasons
  • Top two politicians contending for a presidential office: What do they have in common and whet are their differences?
  • Household pets: A dog and a cat
  • What are the similarities between mathematics and physics
  • Comparing challenges a waitress face and those which an air hostess faces
  • A look at the differences and similarities between top super cars
  • An essay on Mammals and Amphibians
  • A review of singing versus dancing
  • Two presidents of different countries can also make a good writing of this nature

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